A Light That Guides to Heaven

The Oak Island lighthouse is the brightest
lighthouse in the United States. Its beam is
rated at 14 million candlepower. It can be
seen for over 20 miles out to sea. Sailors
moving up and down the coast by that
lighthouse are warned of danger, but they’re
also shown something else.

Each lighthouse has a unique signal. The
light stays on for a certain amount of time
and then goes off for a certain amount of
time so that sailors can know exactly what
lighthouse they can see and therefore
where they are. We all need to know where
we are if we want to complete our journey
Jesus is a bright light that has come into the
world so that we can be warned of danger
and know exactly where we are. In the
Book of Isaiah, it says: The people walking
in darkness have seen a great light; on
those living in the land of the shadow of
death a light has dawned. –Isaiah 9:2
Jesus came into this world to be a great
light for you. He warns of your danger in
this dark and sinful world through His law.
He guides you away from the rocks of sin
and their resulting death. He leads you
safely to heaven with the good news that He
is the Saviour. By dying on the cross, He
paid for your sins. By His resurrection from
the dead, the doors of heaven were thrown
open and sinners like you and me can
safely enter into the harbor of God’s
It doesn’t matter where you are right now. It
doesn’t matter how great a mess you have
made of your life. It doesn’t matter what the
storms of life may be throwing at you. What
matters is Jesus. Follow His light and He
will lead you safely home to heaven.
Join us this Sunday as we gather around
the light of God’s Word and learn of all that
Jesus has done so that we can make it
home to heaven.

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