A Month of Change

May is a month of change. The weather
starts to warm up, the grass turns green,
the leaves return, and signs of life return
as the last signs of winter disappear.
May also brings a close to another
school year as students pack their bags
and head home for the summer.

Big changes that occur throughout our
lives, whether they are the ending of a
school year, a change in career, or even
the addition of a family member, these
things cause us to look back as well as
ahead. This is an important thing for us
to do in our lives as Christians as well.
Paul writes to the Corinthians and says,
“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new
creation. The old has passed away;
behold, the new has come.”

As Christians, we look back and see our
sin. We see all our actions that have
caused sadness or hurt in our lives or in
the lives of those we love. But through
the blessing of the Gospel, we also look
back at the good news of our Savior,
who took our sin upon Himself to
redeem us. We see that someone has
paid for every evil deed we’ve done and
given us the credit for His perfect life.
When faith is created within our heart,
our old sinful nature is drowned and
buried with Christ. What rises up then is
the new creation, made to serve our
Lord. What a change this is within us!

We look ahead with a clean slate, a
clear conscience knowing that God sees
us as innocent since we wear the
righteousness of Jesus Christ. We look
ahead to ways we can serve Him out of
love and thankfulness for the grace and
mercy He has shown us.

Change can be scary. It is leaving the
comfort of the familiar for the opportunity
of the unknown. In all things, Christ is
our rock and our foundation. Through
all the changes and uncertainty that this
life throws our way, we know that God
has given us something that will never
change- His perfect, Holy Word. We
rest in His promises knowing that He will
guide us and protect us whatever may
come our way, and that He will work
through every situation to bring us
closer to Him. What a blessing it is to
be able to bring this message of peace
and joy to a world that needs it so
desperately! How blessed we are to
stand on such a firm foundation upon
which we build our lives. May God,
through His Word and Sacrament,
continue to strengthen us in our faith
and joy as we look back at how He has
kept His promises, and as we look
ahead to His continued faithfulness!

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