Are we not all whiners?

We are whiners, aren’t we? Nothing can be
perfect, especially the weather. It’s always
too rainy, or too dry, or too cloudy, or too
sunny! As the heat of summer really begins
to beat down, I’ve found myself whining
about it more and more.

One biblically bad whiner was the prophet
Jonah. He whined about preaching to the
Ninevites and then went so far as to try to
run away from God to avoid doing it. And
then when he does preach to them and they
repent, what does Jonah do? He sits down
to whine some more! Jonah 4:8 says,
“When the sun rose, God appointed a
scorching east wind, and the sun beat
down on the head of Jonah so that he was
faint. And he asked that he might die and
said, “It is better for me to die than to

As Jonah was pouting, sitting on a hill that
overlooked the city, the Lord caused a plant
to grow which gave Jonah shade. Then the
Lord sent a worm which ate the plant and
the next day it had withered. God points
out to Jonah that he’s upset that the plant
died, even though he did nothing to make it
grow and put no effort into keeping it alive.

The Lord had put effort into the people of
Nineveh, just as He has with everyone. He
cares for them and provides for the faithful
and faithless alike. “He desires all people
to be saved and to come to the knowledge
of the truth,” (1 Tim. 2:4). He cared deeply
for the 120,000 non-believers in that city and
went to great lengths to bring them the
Word, despite their wickedness and despite
an unwilling servant.

Are there people that we desire God’s grace
not reach? Do we see some people as less
deserving of God’s forgiveness? When
Christ lived His perfect life, He didn’t do so
with only believers in mind. What
motivated Him was His great love for all
people of all time. He thought about the
fact that through His work, God’s grace
would be offered to all.

When Jesus’ blood flowed out onto the
cross, it was innocent blood, valuable
enough to pay for every sin ever committed.
Jonah’s three days in the belly of the whale
pointed ahead to Christ’s three days in the
tomb, and His victorious resurrection.
Through faith in Him as our Savior, we
inherit eternal life. What a message! What a
wonderful gift to bring to those around us!
We have the opportunity to share this
incredible account with others- God can use
His Word that we share to create the faith in
someone’s heart that enables them to enjoy
heaven forever! This isn’t a burden we feel
compelled to accomplish but a joy! It is a
way that we can respond to God’s grace
and mercy that He has shown to us! Praise
God that He did not neglect us, but sent His
Son as our Savior, and made us His children
through the waters of baptism! May He
bless us all as we look for opportunities to
share His love.

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