A Light That Guides to Heaven

The Oak Island lighthouse is the brightestlighthouse in the United States. Its beam israted at 14 million candlepower. It can beseen for over 20 miles out to sea. Sailorsmoving up and down the coast by thatlighthouse are warned of danger, but they’realso shown something else. Each lighthouse has a unique signal. The light stays on … [Read more…]

Are we not all whiners?

We are whiners, aren’t we? Nothing can be perfect, especially the weather. It’s always too rainy, or too dry, or too cloudy, or too sunny! As the heat of summer really begins to beat down, I’ve found myself whining about it more and more. One biblically bad whiner was the prophet Jonah. He whined about … [Read more…]

A Month of Change

May is a month of change. The weather starts to warm up, the grass turns green, the leaves return, and signs of life return as the last signs of winter disappear. May also brings a close to another school year as students pack their bags and head home for the summer. Big changes that occur … [Read more…]

Ashes and Love

Have you seen them? It only happens once a year, but you have probably noticed. They walk around with that “black stuff” on their foreheads. It looks like it is in the shape of a cross. What’s that about? It is about Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the season of Lent. The black stuff … [Read more…]

Come Unto Me

When you walk down a hotel hallway, what do you often see hanging from the doorknobs? Little signs that say, “DO NOT DISTURB!” What an accurate description of the attitude of many people toward the claims of Christ and the Gospel. Not only on Sunday mornings but everyday of the week Jesus stands before human … [Read more…]