Come Unto Me

When you walk down a
hotel hallway, what do you often
see hanging from the doorknobs?
Little signs that say, “DO NOT
DISTURB!” What an accurate
description of the attitude of many
people toward the claims of Christ
and the Gospel.
Not only on Sunday
mornings but everyday of the
week Jesus stands before human
hearts with his beautiful invitation
and gracious promise:
“Here I am! I
stand at the door and
knock. If anyone
hears my voice and
opens the door, I will
come in and eat with
them, and he with
me.” (Revelation 3:20)
And sadly every
hour of the week there
are people responding to Christ
by pointing at the sign on their
hearts “DO NOT DISTURB”.
People have become so
preoccupied with a thousand
other things in life that they
intentionally or unintentionally
can’t be “disturbed” with Jesus
right now.
But Jesus isn’t brushed off
that easily. If any man ever knew
that, it was the Roman governor
Pontius Pilate. Nothing would
have made him happier than to
hang up the “DO NOT DISTURB”
sign on his palace door. But
Christ was there and Pilate was
forced to deal with him. When
confronted with Jesus, Pilate
asked, “What should I do with
The Christ of Christmas, the
Christ of Good Friday,
the Christ of Easter is
inescapable. No one
can hope to remain
“undisturbed” by the
Son of God and Savior
of the world. He calls
from pulpits across this
great country. He calls
from Christian friends
and family. He calls
from radios, TV’s,
podcasts, etc. In the face of your
guilt and pain, he lovingly calls,
“Come unto me all you who are
heavy burdened and I WILL give
you rest.”
The truly happy people in
the world are those who have
been “disturbed” by the Bible’s
message of sin and judgment,
who have been awakened from
their spiritual sleep, and who live
in the awareness of the limitless
love of Jesus.

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