Oak Park

Oak Park Lutheran Church is located in rural Oklee, MN.

The address is:   13478 330th Ave SE  Oklee, MN  56742

The phone number is:   (218) 796-5707


Oak Park - First Church serving Deer Park and Highlanding

Oak Park Church - burned 6-25-1975

Oak Park Church

Oak Park Church entrance



  1. Per Dragvik

    I am searching for the wedding of some of Our relatives married in Oklee in 1901. Names; Gunder Asbjornson and his wife Anne. Maybe this isn’t the right Church, but they came from Norway and must have been Lutherans. If you have protocols from that time I would appreciate if you could look for this information, if not-please let me know who I can contact to have their wedding certificate/information.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Jessica Hofstad

      Our church wasn’t formed until 1906. The lutheran churches closest to oklee are Zion in Oklee and Salem just a few miles north. If need be you could probably get the information from the Red Lake County Recorder.

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