Oak Park

Oak Park Lutheran Church is located in rural Oklee, MN.

The address is:   13478 330th Ave SE  Oklee, MN  56742

The phone number is:   (218) 796-5707


Oak Park - First Church serving Deer Park and Highlanding

Oak Park Church - burned 6-25-1975

Oak Park Church

Oak Park Church entrance



  1. Per Dragvik

    I am searching for the wedding of some of Our relatives married in Oklee in 1901. Names; Gunder Asbjornson and his wife Anne. Maybe this isn’t the right Church, but they came from Norway and must have been Lutherans. If you have protocols from that time I would appreciate if you could look for this information, if not-please let me know who I can contact to have their wedding certificate/information.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Jessica Hofstad

      Our church wasn’t formed until 1906. The lutheran churches closest to oklee are Zion in Oklee and Salem just a few miles north. If need be you could probably get the information from the Red Lake County Recorder.

    • Dirk Ver Steeg

      In regards to Gunder and Anne Asbjornson, I think your looking for Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Oklee, MN. They were my great grandparents and If you want to get in touch with me you can email me at dkversteeg@yahoo.com

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