Oak Park Contacts

Deacons – spiritual concerns

Jon Bakken                    (608)343-3269

Jim Reinbold                           796-5750

Trustees – building / maintenance issues

Ryan Nelson                             796-4574

Chris Nelson                             796-4582

Tyler Nelson                              796-4574

the Deacons and Trustees are members of the Parish Board

Oak Park Congregation Board

Aaron Chervestad – President          796-4865

Jared Hofstad – Secretary                 796-5860

Kim Chervestad – Treasure               796-5842

Ladies Aid Board

Carol Chervestad – President            796-5554

Angie Lundeen – Vice President       378-4499

Karen Peterson – Secretary                796-5822

Shari Olson – Treasure                        796-5631


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  1. Reformation Seminar

    Dear Pastor Merseth,

    I understand you have just arrived in the parish. May God bless your ministry in this area.

    Earlier this month, a letter and flyer regarding a Reformation Seminar in Grand Forks, ND, on Oct 30 was sent via mail to the Clearbrook-Oklee parish.

    This is just a follow-up to that mailing to invite and encourage your congregation(s) to participate with us in this program.

    The seminar is the initiative of Kongsvinger Lutheran teaming with other local Confessional Lutheran churches/organizations, among them the Wittenberg Chapel (LCMS) on the UND Campus.

    We pray that the seminar may highlight the Biblical doctrines that were at the heart of the Reformation to a broad audience. The Seminar is immediately adjacent to the UND campus thereby making it very accessible to the student population as well as the surrounding region.

    Your financial sponsorship as outlined in the attached would be most welcomed. However, if financial support is not an option at this time, your prayer support and promotion of the seminar – particularly to any UND students that may come from your congregations – would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    On behalf of the Planning Committee – Yours In Christ,

    Don Mathsen
    218-779-8131 (cell)

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