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Jared And Jessica

Jared and Jessica Hofstad

Video of our kids dancing with Santa at mom and dad's on Christmas day before opening presents

Video of our kids opening presents at mom and dad's on Christmas day

you can play a song in the above frame while viewing my page if you wish More Than Merciful by Southern Raised

We are located on a 10 acre farmlet between Oklee and Plummer Minnesota. We are close to both of our families, friends, church, work and more. Orin (9), Leif (7) and Nikolena (5) love to run around the yard and enjoy the outdoors. Jared likes to ride the four wheeler and mower, even if it does mean work, most time and does have a day job as an IT manager. Jessica works as a legal secretary and is a full-time mother.

Jared works at Seven Clans Casino as the I.T./MIS Manager.

Being themselves

A site Orin likes to visitHorse Quartet - interactive

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