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We are having another Mostrom Reunion this summer on July 11, 2015. Hope to visit a bunch of relatives at it. Click Mostrom Reunion to see the latest newsletter on the event.

Events we have attended


We went to Montana then on to Canada this Summer (July 8th - 17th, 2011). We went to see Rob & Stacie and family, Caroline & Bill and whoever was there, then on north of there to Canada to see some of the Ostrom relatives we had not been before.

Feb. 17th - 24th, 2010, Glenn & Arlan will be flying out to Phoenix, AZ. They will be going to visit Dale & Sandra Lundeen, and on to see Gary & Ginger Mostrom, then to Jamie & Ann Marquis. We are looking forward to a good time seeing some that we haven't seen in a long time!

We went to the local college's radio station - Pionner 90.1

Karl Hartwich uses the original acoustic instrumentation of traditional bands, but has incorporated more improvisation, more syncopation and novel ideas into traditional Dutchman music. Karl plays a Hengel concertina. He has a seven member band and plays across the country. His drummer is Crystal Malek.

The Bluegrass Festival at Lake Itasca was on Friday, August 7th through Sunday, August 9th, 2009. Were you there!

We went to a Campground in SD for a Poppenhagen get-together.
It rained so much I could have just cried! We had a difficult time having our get-together as we needed to be indoors mostly, but we did see each other through the haze.
Place - Elkhorn Ridge, RV Park Resort Web site
When - June 5th - 8th. Elkhorn ridge is a new area, close to Spearfish, Golfing, Waterpark, free Fish Hatchery, Gulches of Fun, Deadwood, Antique Shops, Boondoogles Carnival rides, Kevin Costner story of the Bison (TaTanka) and Homestake Mine visitor center, Museums, Spearfish canyon drive, 38 miles through the hills to go to 1880 Train, Hillcity, Mount Rushmore, Bearcountry and so on. Anyway lots of stuff to do!!! And you can come back to campground to chat at night. Maybe this is a way for you to spend time with your kids and grandkids. TRUST ME!!!! I KNOW EVERY PLACE TO GO AND EVERY THING TO SEE IN THE HILLS, Just ask and I can help you out. I know not everyone will want to do the same thing and that's just fine. You can go on Elkhorn Ridge web Site and check the joint out, call make your reservations (toll free number)- 877-722-1800. Check out the grounds map on the web. There are really nice bigger cabins for families for more money. All the bedding is included (maid service) like a motel. There are lots of paved walkways, playground for kids, and a nice gift shop & snack bar. I'll be sending out some info packets to the old folks (yeah that's you) I don't have everyones e-mail and addresses so its up to YOU to get the word out!!!! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!!!! YOU > YOUR KIDS> THIER KIDS> Me and mine are there, my sister, my mom, So everybody pack up, Bring your coffee!, your mugs (thats to drink out of and your face) And lets WHOOP IT UP IN THE HILLS!!!!!!! Hope you can come!! Lots of Love!!!!

Our first Poppenhagen Cousin Reunion was in 2008. We celebrated from July 2nd - 6th, 2008 in Coon Rapids, MN.

Steve and Lorinda were up to visit and enjoy some winter activities in northern MN again on March 14-17, 2008. Faith & Isaac were able to come for the weekend as well.

We attended the Bluegrass Festival at Lake Itasca on Friday, August 3rd through Sunday, August 5th, 2007 with moms only sister and her husband and her brother from California.

On July 20th we celebrated our parents 40th wedding anniversary. Their actual wedding date was on Sept. 30th, but we wanted to celebrate at this time because our family will be together and we want to have some fun with our neighbors and friends. It is hard to believe that it has been 40 years already, even some of the grandchildren are growing up fast with Olivia already being 7 years old.

We stayed at a resort in the Park Rapids area when Robbie & Stacie were in Minnesota this Summer. We were at Weigelwood Resort on Two Inlets Lake on July 16th - July 18th.

We went to Bemidji High School auditorium on Friday Feb. 16th and saw comedian Ken Davis. Ask us if you would like to come over and watch some of his DVDs with us (we love company) or to possibly borrow them.